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Archive for May 14, 2021

Anna Lisa Atkins

Paul and Elizabeth are great to work with. Answered all my questions, made recommendations that would help the property sell, found a handyman for necessary repairs, made the entire process so much easier.

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Paul Pelley

Paul went way above the required paperwork to complete our sale. He used his background and experiences to communicate a unique property successfully resulting in the sale. My wife and I enjoyed working with him. He did a great job.

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Susan Graves

Paul and Elizabeth made the process of selling a family home and land extremely easy. We enjoyed working with both of them. We would recommend them to handle your real estate needs.

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Eugene de Silva

Paul worked with us from the beginning to getting the house ready, to selling the house and finding a new house. He advised us on almost all the issues related to the fixing the old house, mortgage company selection, credit ratings, what to loo...

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